Shows & Events

We are available for all types of events and functions, from birthday parties and weddings to corporate entertainment. We can provide taster classes, workshops and shows in a variety of dances.
We have an extensive resume of events from the large corporate events to local taster classes.

All our events are based on the idea that it should be fun, nothing is taken too seriously!
Here's a brief idea of the different events we can offer:

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Taster Classes
Workshops can include Salsa, Bachata, Lambada,
Merengue, Cha cha and Samba. We can provide workshops based on any of the dances from Beginners to Advanced.
We often do these at corporate team building events and educational days.
Great for getting people working together and communicating with each other. Ideal as an alternative class/activity. All classes are always upbeat and fun with an emphasis on an encourageing all members of the group.
These are often short 15-20 minute fun sessions with no previous knowledge presumed.
Ideal for breaking the ice at parties and getting everybody up on the dance floor. Perfect at corporate functions or parties.
We include lots of fun easy dances like Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha & Salsa. All these dances can be done as lineups (follow the leader) or in partners.
Hen Parties
We can provide short entertaining shows with our local performance group of up to 8 people or help provide you with more dancers for really big events.

Ideal for providing entertainment in-between courses at a dinner event or for a big finale to get everybody in the mood to party Latin style.

We often do a show followed by our taster classes to encourage people onto the dance floor after a dinner event as an intro to the evenings entertainment.

At the Sexy & Sensual Latin Festival 2010 our very own DancaLatina Dancers took 2nd place in the Team Choreography Competition, competing against over 40 dancers from all over europe!
Start off your Hen weekend with a latin bang, fun upbeat classes designed to break the ice with your friends and get everybody partying together.
We have Cardiff city centre venues that we work with regularly such as La Tasca where you can really get that Latin feel. Set up a round of Margaritas and we'll do the rest. Classes are normally about an hour as the attention span only tends to last that long, but we're happy to keep going if you are.
Wedding Dance
Wedding dances are often an afterthought in many wedding plans but as the special day approaches many couples start to stress about their dance, let us help you take the worry out it.

We'll show you how to move and sway together to your favourite song, making sure you're not going to step on each others feet. And we can give you some special moves to impress your guests without you having to learn a full blown choreography.
A few simple tips and a little bit of practice can make it a fun experience to look forward to on the day.
Private Lessons
For individuals or couples, we have a small studio where we can teach you in private.
Ideal for building confidence before trying one of our club nights or if you want to take your dancing to the next level with some individual attention.

Each session is tailored to your indiviual requirements, allowing us to fine tune your technique and turn you into a better more confident dancer!

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For information on any of our classes or events please contact Andy via the following:

E-mail: classesdancalatina.com

Phone: +44 7952 464649