People come to dance from different backgrounds and social structures. With partner dance you can become physically quite close to somebody you've only just met. So it is important that you treat your partner with respect and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

'Treat others as you would have them treat you', is often a good guideline for social interactions however it doesn't always work well in intimate situations such as partner dance. There are instances where you may be feeling a lot more 'stimulated' than your partner, or your motivations for dancing and world domination may not be reciprocated by your current partner. So it is cordially suggested that following these guidelines will ensure that you are a popular dancer.

Keep an open mind ; don't presume that something didn't work because of your partner. If your partner does something unusual treat it as an opportunity to learn something new.


  • Remember your partner is normally very close.
  • Always try to shower before dancing, especially before doing a class.
  • Deodorant and Perfume is normally always a good thing, try to avoid overdoing it. ( Don't smell Bad, smell Good, but not from 10 feet!)
  • Clean your teeth! Use gum/breath freshener, halitosis is not recommended.
  • Carry spare clothing and towels', dancing is physical so perspiration is expected. But try to minimise the effect on the people around you.(Covering the awe inspired crowd with your sweat only works if you’re a true sex god/International superstar.)

Verbal Interactions - How to win dance partners and influence them

Until you know your partners well, avoid the following as it is guaranteed to get you a 'label' and entered into the 'best avoided' category.

  • Always treat people politely avoid swearing.
  • Do not flirt inappropriately, especially if they're not single or in your age range.
  • Do not use sexually suggestive language.

Safety - How to avoid a lawsuite

Don't presume that your partner is in perfect health; treat them with kid gloves until you know them well. Very often people have back/knee etc problems, or they may be wearing uncomfortable or restrictive clothing or their footwear may be unsuitable. ( Fashion has absolutely nothing to do with covering a body in a practical method.)

So don't dip or attempt somersaults until you're both absolutely in agreement.