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Student Stuff

Never done Salsa?
Here's the top 3 questions answered!

1. Do I need a partner?
No partner is needed as partners are rotated often during the classes. Salsa is a social dance and this is the best way to meet new people and feel free to dance the night away.

2. Do I need to book?
All our classes are run on a drop in basis so no pre booking is neccesary. Keeping with the authentic roots of salsa as a social dance the after club is the most important part. What's the point in learning to dance unless you dance!

3. Do I need special shoes/clothes?

No, smart casual is the order of the day. For the feet keep them comfortable but leather soled as there is some turning involved. For the rest of you keep it cool, dancing is physical so woolly jumpers would seriously cramp your style.

4. Am I the right age, size, shape etc?
Salsa is open to everybody from 18 to 70 we have all ages, all sizes and all types of people! Salsa is mix and that is what makes it special. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can dance Salsa!

One more question:
What is it!?
Salsa is a social partner dance from South America primarily Cuba, Puerto Rico and Columbia.
It is a spicy mix of different older south american rhythms and dances blended together to give us our modern day version. Coming from the Mambo craze made popular in the 50s and 60s in New york. Salsa Clubs can be found in nearly every major city in the world.

Okay you've made your first steps and you want to know more. Here's a list of things that you might need to know.

Okay your getting up close with members of the other sex make sure you know how to behave!

The music..
What's special about Salsa music and how do we dance to it.

The basic steps..
Here's a list of our basic steps and turn patterns.

You've mastered the basics and now want to move on here's a list of the movements involved

Okay we're turning into a serious dancer now, here's a list that gets you to the next level.

Want to be pushed to the max, buy some Pepsi!

How to do it without falling over.

History of Salsa
Where's it from, how did it get here and where are you going with it.