Recommended Music

Okay I am constantly asked what music to buy, as these things are very much about personal taste it's never an easy question to answer, so this is a list of the music you may hear at our classes/nights.
Don't blame me if it ain't your thing!

Good places to buy:
Disclaimer: These are the places I buy from but this is in no way an offical endorsement or guarantee.

Itunes Getting better, but definitely hasn't got a comprehesive range. Usefull place to start though.
Amazon Probably the best place to buy CDs with lots of secondary merchants. Prices can range from £6-£15.
SalsaFever Salsa specialists with a good range of CDs, often to be found at Salsa events.
Mr Bongo One of the longest running sellers of Salsa music in the UK. Excellent service. And if you mention DancaLatina they'll give you a pound off!!
If you can't find it on their site just ask as they keep a big catalogue.

Music we use in the classes - that's if your not sick of it already!

Artist Song Album Notes
Sierra Maestra Dundunbanza !Dundunbanza!  
DLG Juliana Swing on  
Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca Africa, Havana, Paris Tata Masamba  
Africando Mopao Mandali  
La Sonora Carruseles El Pito Heavy Salsa 98  
La Sonora Carruseles Micaela Heavy Salsa 98  
Joe Arroyo Yamulemau 30 Pegaditas de Oro  
UrbanSalsaBeatz doing it around the clock    

Other Artists
& some of their recommended albums.

Artist Album Notes
DLG Gotcha / Swing On  
Celia Cruz El Carnaval de la Vida Over a 100 albums..
Jose Alberto Herido  
Oscar D'Leon En Vivo! 'Que Bueno Baila Usted'
India Dicen Que Soy  
Marc Antony Greatest Hits  
Tito Puente The very best of Tito Puente Over a 100 albums..
Wayne Gorbea Salsa Picante  
Los Van Van Van Van is Here  
Joe Cuba The Best of Joe Cuba  
Willie Colon Tras La Tormenta  
Ruben Blades Greatest Hits  
Johnny Polanco Pa'l Bailador  
El Gran Combo 20 Anos 20 Exitos, Vol. 1  
Grupo Niche El Unico  
Joe Arroyo Live!  
Alex Wilson Inglaterra http://www.alexwilson.net/
Africando   Any and all...

Some of the Songs & Artists currently in my Play lists.

Artist Song Album Notes
Charlie Cruz Ahe    
LA33 Soledad    
Lusito Rosario 1-800 Quiereme    
Brenda K Starr Tu Eres    
El Gran Combo Brujeria    
Wayne Gorbea El Yoyo    
Fatal Mambo Problem    
Rudy B Lovely Day Urban Latino  
Massimo Scalici Fragile / Esa La Musica    
T.M.C. Que Swing    
Eurocuban Project Never Leave You    
Frankie Negron Mulata    
N'Klave I Love Salsa    
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz Sonido Bestial    
Alex Wilson Show Me