This is a guide to the moves that we teach at each level in our classes and gives you an idea of what you should know before you attempt the next level. Note this is only meant as a reminder of the terminology and steps we use in the classes not a substitute!

See Leading & Following for more in-depth info.
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More Hints and Tips below

Beginners - Level 1
No previous experience is assumed, give us your feet and we'll get them moving!
About 6 weeks at this level is recommended before you move on.
Time Step 3 steps on the spot, pause or tap on the 4th beat.
Includes basic Cuban Motion - movement of hips and posture.
Basic/Back Step Step back and together, pause.
Open Step Same as the Basic except you open the shoulders and hips to face the side.
Mambo Step Forward on the left, together. Back on the right together.
Rumba Step 1 step to the side back together.
Cumbia Step
2 steps to the side and tap.

Mambo Turn Step forwards on the left foot turn to your right, pivot and bring feet together.

Partner Work
Open Hold Leaders hand palms up, followers palms down. Repeat all of the basic steps.
Closed Hold  
M & F Mambo Turns  
Around the World  


Improvers - Level 2
At least 8 weeks at this level is recommended before you move on.
Shines Suzy Q, Shuffle, Flares, Walkovers

Partner Work
Half Turn & Variations Cuddle, Arm Lock, Rock & Roll
Cross Body Lead (CBL) Standard, Coca Cola, Cross hands Coca Cola
Sombrero Cross hand Reverse CBL Turn!


Intermediates - Level 3
Before joining this level you must make sure that you are comfortable with all the Beginners and Improvers steps and moves.
At this level we also introduce more variations and linking of the previous moves and start to incorporate more styling.
Leading Shoulder and Hip leads
Ladies Double Spin Maintain posture, keep feet close together.
CBL Inside Turn Standard, Wrap, Cross hands into Star
CBL Outside Turn Single/Double Turn
Ocho (Figure Eight)  
And Many More...  

Hints and Tips

The best students keep doing the basic classes for much longer as well as moving up. If you want to be a really good dancer your basics are the most important foundation.
Don't move on too quickly! Many of us get excited when starting something new and want to be the best we can quickly. However moving on too fast can quickly dampen your enthusiasm. Trying to do moves that your not prepared for can quickly frustrate and demotivate you. All good things come to those that wait.